We are looking for water professionals, community leaders, and members from governmental and non-governmental organizations from around the world to be part of a supportive mix of workshop participants.

Workshop Application Form

If you would like to be considered for admission to the next Water Diplomacy Workshop (held each June in Boston, MA), complete this form (in English) and submit it. You will see a "success" message when your submitted application is received by our system.

The starred fields (*) are required. If you are accepted, you will be given further instructions about payment. We will review new applications on a rolling basis beginning the January prior to the Workshop. The information included in your application is only used for Water Diplomacy Workshop purposes. We do not provide contact lists to outside organizations.

Personal and Organizational Details

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At the Workshop, all the presentations, group work and printed materials will be in English.

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Educational and Professional Background

Provide us with a short summary of the educational and professional experiences that qualify you for the Workshop. This should not be your full resume. You can click-and-drag the lower right hand corner to expand the entry area.


In the interest of "training trainers," it is important that a senior decision-maker at your company, group, or organization endorses your application to the Workshop. If you are admitted, this person should be committed to helping you create opportunities to present and re-teach what you learn about water diplomacy to your fellow staff, students, or associates. For example, you two should discuss the possibility of setting aside time for you to present some of the Workshop's key ideas and materials to others. Please list the contact information for a leader at your group or organization with whom you have discussed your application to the Workshop and, if you are accepted, the possible ways you might help improve your organization's capacity for water diplomacy, not just your own.

Acknowledgement of Terms

We are committed to providing an excellent workshop experience and keeping participant costs as reasonable as possible.

Accepted applicants will be presented with a choice of payment options:
  • 2016 Workshop + Lodging Option - $3350 Includes all workshop materials and instruction, 5 lunches during the workshop, 2 group dinners, guarantees 6 nights of private hotel room lodging. We will arrange for your hotel room, and deliver workshop materials to the hotel to be available to you upon check in. We will provide transit and walking directions from the hotel where Workshop participants are staying to the Water Diplomacy Workshop locations.
  • 2016 Workshop Only Option - $1975 Includes all workshop materials and instruction, 5 lunches during the workshop, 2 group dinners. Does not include any lodging arrangements or assistance. You will need to arrange for your own lodging, transportation, and directions during the Workshop. You will receive your workshop materials upon registration at the beginning of the workshop week.
We will strongly suggest that anyone not familiar with the Boston region select the workshop option that includes lodging. We might not be able to offer the lodging option to participants who apply within 60 days of the workshops start. We can provide additional information and advice to individual accepted applicants prior to payment.

Additional Info

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